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Brisbane Roofing Services

At G.C/BNE Roofing we provide Services in the following fields –

  • Roof Tiling: Roof replacements and Repairs / Replacement of faulty clips / Re-cementing and pointing / Whirlybirds and Skylights + Glass Tile (skylights) / Roof extensions and additions
  • Roof Plumbing (metal roofing): Roof replacements and Repairs / Flashing and dry-panning work to prevent water pooling / Whirlybirds and Skylights / Additions / New structures/ Re-screwing
  • Asbestos Roofing: Re-roof to Colorbond / Repairs: “We use a hi-tech, newly developed re-inforced water-proofing membrane to repair over cracked sheeting and capping- previously your ONLY option was a roof replacement !”
  • Roof Restoration: Tile / Metal / Terracotta / Decromastic / Asbestos : 1. Roof repair 2. mould treatment 3. re-point /screw / replace seals with paintable sealant / 4. apply primer/sealer / top coats of membrane (paint)
  • Guttering and Downpipes: Replace existing rusted material. Steel downpipes replaced with steel or 90mm PVC (rounded corners non-drip effect). Low front/Hi front Quad / Emline (square) / Ogee (Heritage) gutters. New Installations
  • Bali Hut: Thatching replaced to Colorbond material (normally works out cheaper than the thatching !)
    Fascia Repairs/Replacements: Sectional replacement of rotted timber / Installation of colorbond ‘sleeve’ over existing damaged fascia timber (painted to blend into existing colour scheme, less labour-less costs
  • Exterior Painting: Weather boards / timber fascia / gutters and downpipes. “All paint is ‘lifetime warranty’ DULUX Weather Shield. One of the most advanced paints to stand up to to the harsh reality of the Australian Climate”
  • Polycarbonate Roofing: These sheets are 99% UVA/B reflective and hail resistant. They come in shades of clear/Opal/Bronze/White and all shades of black. “A GREAT way top create pleasing ‘natural light’ to any entertaining area is to remove a roofing sheet and replace with one of these- both ends and in the centre. I prefer the OPAL shade as it throws a soft,cool white light that just has a real ‘comfort zone’ feeling to it!”
  • Insurance & Storm Repairs: We have an ’emergency repair service’ available (please appreciate the work will be carried out as soon as the sun rises- nothing can be achieved in the dark) to make roofs keep-safe / all insurance quotation is accepted- from a tile/sheet replacement, to a roof replacement
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Business Meeting